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NEONLED - Lighting Letters/signs

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Pessoa de contato
Łukasz Habierski
Tel: 509894997

Język komunikacji:
Angielski, Polski,


We are the manufacturer lighting letters, products from PMMA, PCV, PC.
Currently, we operate on Poland market but also ours product can be seen at the exhibitions at German, France and Spain. Now we looking for new customers for our new product.

Informações complementares

NEONLED will fill many interiors that require delicate lighting.
Neonleds give a nice warm light that illuminates the interior with its soft glow.
Beautiful, handy, safe as well as reliable and energy-saving.
Each Neonled needs to be powered. Standard is a 12V plug (plugged into a socket) white with a cable about 190 cm long. A switch with a dimmer function is mounted on the cable.
On request, it is possible to make a wall-mounted version with a cable on the back of the inscription where it connects to a sealed power supply ready for installation in the wall. This option makes the cable disappear and the Neonled can be turned on with a switch on the wall.


  • Material impresso e afins
  • Mobiliário (incl. de escritório), acessórios, aparelhos domésticos (excl. iluminação) e produtos de limpeza
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Prazo para apresentação das propostas
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Wyposażenie wnętrz, Oświetlenie, Dywany i dekoracje, Wyroby z gumy i tworzyw sztucznych, Organizacja targów i wydarzeń, Media i reklama,
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